Flower Moon Patch

These patches began as illustrations by c0c0Ā šŸ§”

Every Full Moon, we open up ourĀ Stardust GenerationĀ collection for minting. Anyone who mints a Dreamer during the Moon Cycle gets airdropped the corresponding Moon PatchĀ āœØĀ These digital patch airdrops are a part of ourĀ Stardust Space CadetĀ program and give the holders access to exclusive perks in the Stardust7 Shop!

And NOW.. weā€™re getting phygital, baby! Weā€™ve finally produced these patches IRL for collecting and sporting on Stardust7 tote bags and jacketsĀ šŸ’«

*All patches have an iron-on adhesive for easy application, OR if you are a token-holder you can access theĀ freeĀ customization item and I will iron it on your bag/jacket for youĀ šŸ˜˜

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